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            Zhejiang Decent New Material, established in 2006, which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in producing the high value interlayer. The main products are PVB resin powder and PVB interlayer, they are widely used in automobile, architectural, photovoltaic and other fields. And it devotes into researching in high value interlayer, such as acoustic PVB, solar control PVB.

            The company has strong research and development strength. The R&D center was rated as a Provincial Science and Technology R&D Center and a Provincial Enterprise Research Institute. The company has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of institutions and research institutes in the form of joint development, sharing of equipment and hiring technical consultants, jointly researching PVB interlayer film new products, and timely turning scientific and technological achievements into productivity. The company has obtained a number of patent applications and authorized patents. The company adheres to the concept of automated production, through technological innovation and equipment transformation to ensure the stability of products.

            Under the guidance of the “To be No. 1 in the global industry” vision, Decent will continue to increase R&D investment and technological innovation. On the basis of efforts to improve product quality, the company will strengthen after-sales service, enhance product competitiveness, and continuously expand domestic and foreign markets by taking the advantage of raw materials so as to continue to create value for customers.