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            Talent Concept menu
            Protean talent strategy
            Companies adhering to the "talent is the most precious wealth" business philosophy, based on the character candidate not stick to one pattern, competition and the ability to practice human way, clear and quantitative way of employee development and standard. Join des Thai you can contact with extraordinary colleagues, and can get the most training system.
            Employee ability to get a promotion, the company to develop to retain people, truly people-oriented, with the theory of performance value, with ability theory talent strategic concept.
            The rigorous program with the idea of freedom
            In terms of recruitment, the company on the basis of all social recruitment jobs first internal recruitment, again, the last recruitment principle, to provide more opportunities for employees. In terms of recruitment channels, select appropriate internal recruitment, talent intermediary, the recruitment, recruitment, campus recruitment, employee referrals, advertisement, headhunting services, etc. In terms of talent selection, adopts interview, written examination, assessment and collective interview method of combining the. Vigorous company heavy degree greater capacity, heavy qualifications greater performance. Company by the rigorous selection process and flexible employment concept, let the real talented people find a place to shine.
            Various forms of training
            Des a personalized and diversified training methods. Including post internships and part-time self-study, classroom training, overseas training, visits, business communication, the lecturer, induction, please guide, master train an apprentice, and so on. Human resources through the talent assessment, personal training needs survey, company three aspects such as the demand for jobs to help employees develop a career plan, organize related training. To some extent, the staff's hands holding a lot of other companies have no way to provide "training mode choice". And company of des is with reasonable mechanism and system realizes "the cradle of staff growth, achievement of stage" of talent development strategic objective.
            Performance and motivation
            Des ty to fully mobilize enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of employees for performance improvement direction, based on the employee for sex, multidimensionality and dynamic; Our company based on the comprehensive monitoring and assessment of the comprehensive index, analysis and evaluation to ensure maximum effect manifested intuitively, real employees for performance good staff base of our company to ensure the high performance bonuses and priority compensation adjustment and job promotions.